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Borracharia, Salvador, Bahia

Bars & Clubs

Borracharia, Salvador, Bahia

Tire repair shop in the morning and a club by night.

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A borracharia, Salvador, Brazil
The Borracharia has become a bustling point of Salvador. This is clear to hear many different accents in place, which is literally a tire repair shop. The queue at the door might scare some, but it's part of the whole experience, almost being an extension of the ballad. Many consider the place an after-party, since only pump after midnight and goes until 6 am.
Do not be scared to enter. It is small, dark, messy and full, very full. After a few minutes you get used to the atmosphere of the place, and begin to understand what is happening. At the entrance there is mechanical equipment and tires, which also serve as decoration for the dance floor.
People of all kinds mingles there. There is no tribe that does not frequent the Rubber: Clueless, Playboys, alternative, hippies, hipsters, gays, straights, rockers, youth, adults, crowns, gringos, among many others who know or label. To match the diversity of people, music is also a real jumble. From rock to samba, electronic MPB. 
Good tips: b
uy drinks chips once you arrive, go to the bathroom, take two caipirinhas from time to enjoy your time at the bar, do not go with high heels, use fresh clothes, take money to pay the entrance so you don't have to spend more time on the line. 

trip created by

Camila Coelho

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Location Brazil, Salvador
Categories Bars and clubs
Avaliable on Friday, Saturday
Address Rua Conselheiro Pedro Luís 101-A - Rio Vermelho, 41950-610 Salvador
Phone number +55 71 3334-0091
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Working timetable: Friday and Satudary: 00:00-06:00. Price range: $$ (6 eur to 12 eur)


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