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Calblanque the last virgin beach in Murcia

Day Trips

Calblanque the last virgin beach in Murcia

Sometime we want to disconnect to everything and have time for us, the best way is go to the beach and let the relaxing sounds from the waves take to you far away.

Day 1 - Sunny day in the beach
Events of the day
Relaxing in Calblanque

Calblanque is a natural park located between the municipalities of Cartagena and La Unión and declared Natural Park for its biological diversity and the presence of numerous botanical endemisms, with paths, beaches and amazing coves available throughout the year.

There is also a salt marsh called Salinas del Rasall, where you can observe a diversity of birds. It is easily accessible in the summertime, a bit more complicated on winter, since the roads are not well kept.

Diverse hiking routes cross this park. There is no kiosk on the beach, so be sure to take a cooler and a an umbrela because the sun in Murcia is strong.

Callblanque are the most virgin and well kept of the Spanish Mediterranean. You can observe incredible flora and fauna, in a place where sea, sand and mountain are joined. It is a wonderful corner very near to Cartagena and La Manga. Let’s please respect these paradises so that they can remain preserved not only in our memories.

The best way to get there is by car,  there are not many buses can arrived there. If you have time you should rent a car.

It is not so difficult get there, the highway is in perfect conditions and it is only 45 minutes far away from Murcia.,+España/Salinas+de+Calblanque,+30385,+Murcia,+España/@37.79802...

La Tana Restaurant
After of the relaxing day on the beach, the next stop is Cabo de Palos at 15 minutes from Calblanque where we can find a lot of restaurants where we can recharged our energy.

La Tana is a classic restaurant in Cabo de Palos. Located at the end of the harbor, it offers a spectacular seafood and fish, among which the red prawn, the golden salt and rice to the pot. Nor to lose its hold and its popular terrace overlooking the port. Reasonable price and good attention.

La Tana have different prices and their dishes are amazing, in the night you have a special Menu:
Cod marinated in oil and seasoned with tomato and dill
Stuffed peppers
Shrimp Scampi casserole
Sea bass back
Trufito with cream
and the price per person is 36 €

But in summer this restaurant is strongly on demand so you should make a reservation to take a dinner.

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Marco Antonio Torres Suntaxi


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Location Spain, Murcia
Categories Beach
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