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Day Trips


One must to visit in Asturias, Covadonga, situated in the west and north of the Picos de Europa mountain range. Discover this place in person, photos can not show you the magical atmosphere.

Day 1 - Covadonga
Events of the day
Covadonga Introduction

Covadonga is an important location for the people from Asturias, in this place the King Pelayo fighted against the islamic “Moors” in a battle to start the “Reconquista” (reconquest) of Spain. The King Pelayo is a legendary heroe that represents the bravery and the courage of the local people. 

The scenery of Covadonga is breathtaking, it is very close to some stunning mountain lakes. There you can visit the religious sanctuary, a mythical grotto, the museum and tomb of Pelayo and the San Fernando Collegiate Church next to the basilica complex.

Basilica of Covadonga
Enter in the basilica to admire its grandiose design. If you want you can attend to a religous celebration. Check here the mass and service timetable
Our lady of Covadonga "La Santina"
Enter in the tiny chapel of "La Santina" and make a pause for thought. We will see people lighting candels for asking for protection and health.

Don't forget to throw a coin and make a wish in the fountain under the chapel.

El Rincon de Don Pelayo Restaurant
Make a stop for having lunch. In El Rincon de Don Pelayo you could taste the most traditional asturian dishes. The daily menu is a good option, the price is 13 euros and it contains two dishes, the drink, the bread and the desert. You can choose from a wide variety of dishes: fabada, lasagna, salads, roasted knuckle of pork, seafood ...

trip created by

Elsa Miguel Maqueda

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Location Spain, Llanes
Categories Day trips
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