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Doñana National Park

Day Trips

Doñana National Park

Doñana represents the confluence of a set of ecosystems (beach, dunes, preserves, marshes... ) that give this park a unique personality.

Day 1 - Doñana National Park
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Doñana National Park


Doñana Natural Area is considered one of the most important protected natural areas of Europe. Crucial crossroads for bird migration routes between Africa and Europe, is also the last refuge for many endangered species.

Consisting of a spectacular landscape of flat land, there are two major ecosystems, Mediterranean pine woods and scrubland growing in sandy soiland the vast salt marshes, a flood plain formed by impermeable clays with a high seasonal water regime.


Within the Doñana Natural Site, the most important and tigthly protected area is the National Park. Already in ancient times these lands were known for their natural wealth. Hunting place for the royalty and nobility, it wasn’t until the 1960’s when after a series of scientific expeditions the protection issue for Doñana is taken seriously.

The National Park was created in 1969 and subsequently expanded in 1978. Declared a World Heritage Site among numerous other awards, today is considered an irreplaceable natural treasure. More than 100,000 protected hectares on which many species depend on.


Doñana is undoubtedly the most biodiverse natural area in Europe, being the group of birds the most important and numerous. Over 300 species inhabit this territory, of which nearly 130 breed regularly here. Most are aquatic birds and therefore their preferred areas in the park are the extensive mudflats. Doñana also support some 37 species of mammals, including the Iberian lynx, 21 species of reptiles, 11 amphibians and 20 species of freshwater fish. Nor can we forget the thousands of invertebrates (insects, annelids, arachnids …) many of them still uncatalogued.

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Elena María Aguado Sánchez

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Location Spain, Almonte
Categories Camping, Day trips, Family holidays, Green travel, Travel photography
Avaliable on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Address Almonte, Huelva
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