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El Parral (Burgos) on 3rd of June in 2016

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El Parral (Burgos) on 3rd of June in 2016

El Parral is a big area near to the Burgos´ University, where the people celebrate a enormus party about the Curpillos day.
In this place, the diferents groups of people drink and eat a lot, and they organize a lot of competitions games too. 
At the evening, play differents local groups of music.
The drinks and the food are free, you don´t need pay anything. 

Day 1 - El Parral (Burgos)
Events of the day
This party is like a festival becouse at the evening different local group of music play. 
The tradition of this festival is the celebration of Curpillos, but estudintes confuse it with the completion of their studies.
A lot of people (around 8.000 people) came to this party avery years.  
The typical food is morcilla, chorito, cojonudo, cojonuda, nose´s and ear´s pork, etc.; and the tipical drink is calimocho,sangría, beer, etc. 

trip created by

Ignacio De Gómez

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Location Spain, Burgos
Categories Festivals
Address Av. José María Villacián Rebollo
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