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Estação das Docas, Belém, Brazil

Bars & Clubs

Estação das Docas, Belém, Brazil

Tourist and cultural complex that combines food, culture, fashion and events.

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Estação das Docas, Belém, Brazil
The Estação das Docas is one of the spaces that reflect more the Amazon region. National benchmark, the touristic and cultural complex brings together gastronomy, culture, fashion and events in the 500 meters inland edge of the old port of Belém. There are 32 thousand square meters divided into three warehouses and a passenger terminal.
Theater, music and dance are daily entertainment options. In a sliding stage, MPB, rock and paraense music are some of the rhythms that pack the afternoons and evenings of visitors.
Regional and different parts of the world flavors can be found in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream parlors and bomboniers. From shrimp to ice cream. From chocolate to red meat.
The complex also has shops of clothing and accessories, perfume, gift items and a hairdressing salon.
A good tip is to visit Estação das Docas between 17:00-21:00 because most of the bars and restaurants offers happy hours and you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset.

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Camila Coelho

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Location Brazil, Belém
Categories Bars and clubs
Avaliable on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Address Av. Boulevard Castilho França, Belem Do Pará, Para, Brazil
Phone number +55 91 3212-5525
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There's both indoor and outdoor spaces. Working timetable: Mon: 10:00-22:00; Tue: 10:00-00:00; Wed: 10:00-01:00; Thu-Sat: 10:00-03:00; Sun: 09:00-00:00. Price range: $$$


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