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Hello Heraklion! locals favourite pt. 1

Day Trips

Hello Heraklion! locals favourite pt. 1

Heraklion City in Crete,Greece has so many things to offer to visitors who would like to live in an urban-like day any time of the year!

Day 1 - Heraklion City
Events of the day
CROP Cafe (Crop Roastery • Brewery)
Lets go for a morning coffee to one of the best Cafes of the town: CROP (Οδός Αρετούσας 4)
For those who don't know in Greece it is very common to drink Freddo Cappucino or Freddo Espresso. That is the cold version of the two classic coffees.

Passing from outside it is impossible not to notice their roasting machine! If you are lucky, you can even see the staff roasting the coffee beans and of course the whole neighbourhood smells so imaginary!

It is absolutely one of the must-try Cafeterias as it combines great quality coffee in really low prices! (3,5euros Cappucino and 2,8 Espresso) 
Not to mention their breakfast menu! 6 pancakes with chocolate,honey or marmalade jam (just for 4euros).They serve main dishes too and they offer a fresh dessert of the day when you ask for it.

Relax for a couple of hours hazing the people who pass by from the road next to the park and enjoy listening to really good music from djs who prepare the best music playlist. Amazing staff,amazing decor, amazing all of it !

facebook page:
The fortress Koules
Koules is one of the most familiar and beloved monuments of the city, and the symbol of Heraklion. Locals and tourists just lve to go there either for a long 4kilometers walk or either for jogging.

The Venetian fortress of Koules dominates the entrance to the Venetian harbour of Heraklion. The Venetians called it the “Sea Fortress” (Castello a Mare or Rocca a Mare), but today it is known by its Turkish name, Koules, a corruption of Su Kulesi (Water Tower).

It gazes proudly out across the Sea of Crete, reminding of the glory of Venetian Chandax. It is haunted by legends that Cretan rebels were horribly tortured in its damp, dark rooms.
Ligo Krasi..Ligo Thalassa
Now that you've gazed the seaside it is time to enjoy one the best places for seafood dishes. Ligo Krasi..Ligo Thalassa (it means A little Wine...A little more sea) is a restaurant that concentrates on your greek needs. The taverna restaurant is located on a very good location next to fishing and pleasure boat marina with sea view and Koule fortress (Heraklion 712 02).

Always busy, as lots of locals go there... which is always a good sign! They give you a list and you tick the items you want... the portions are HUGE! Order a selection of starters and main dishes and they all come pretty quickly. Plus, the main dishes are always served with fried potatoes and salad. Tasting them out you will notice that the fish is always fresh-served. 
The best for the end: They always offer as desserts A big plate full of loukoumades and vanilla ice cream, fruit (watermellon and apple,grapes) and shots of raki! Of course all with no extra charge! 
Do not miss the fisherman's-pasta plate (sea food and pasta in red sauce) or regret it forever.. (14euros for 2 people but for sure it can be for more!)

(Pricelist Range: starters from 3,5-4,80
main dishes 5,00 -70,00 (which is the fresh/highclass lobster pasta)

official website:

trip created by

Marina Joy Miranda

Accountant in the making..

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Location Greece, Iráklion
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