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Jardines Del Triunfo

Day Trips

Jardines Del Triunfo

Until the seventeenth century, the Triumph Gardens in Granada were one of the most important districts of Granada where many of the important festivals in Granada were celebrated. 

Day 1 - Triumph Gardens
Events of the day
Triumph Gardens
The Triumph Gardens was originally a large Arab cemetery, founded in the thirteenth century. A strong wall enclosed the cemetery and there was a tower at the entrance of each of the access roads. 

On the one side the gardens, the compound was joined to the fortifications of the Albaicin, and the other side was linked with the outskirts of Granada. 

Through the centuries the population grew and many buildings were built in the early sixteenth century,  with whole right side of the Triumph Gardens being urbanized.

During French rule, many Spanish patriots were in hanged and shot in the Triumph Gardens, and it remained a place of public execution until 1840. 

In 1856, Mayor D. Manuel Gadea and Subiza transformed the squalid place into a small park, with gardens and fountains. The opening of the Gran Vía de Colón, and its subsequent expansion changed the face of the Triumph Gardens. 

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Elena María Aguado Sánchez

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Location Spain, Granada
Categories Day trips, Family holidays
Avaliable on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Address C/Ancha de Capuchinos 263, 18012 Granada
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