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Macael, to know about marble!

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Macael, to know about marble!

If you want to know about interesting places in Almería you should to visit Macael, a little village in the mountain of Almeria. In this city you can find the most famous marble quarries in the world.

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Macael is special
Macael is a little village in the mountain of Almería. In this city we have the most famous marble quarties in the world. Marble is a material which many architects used for amazing monumets like La Alhambra (Granada), Theatre Merida, Santa Sofía de Constantinopla  (Estambul,Turquía), Córdoba Mosque, Medina Azahara Palace, 
You can take a tour around different marble quarties and learn how marble is extracted from the quarry through boladuras with the quarry exploits.
It is really interesting to visit this place and enjoy new experiences.

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Nieves Nogueras Pérez

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Location Spain, Almería
Categories Culture, history & ruin trips, Green travel
Avaliable on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Address 04867, Macael, Almería
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