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Madrid Experience!

Day Trips

Madrid Experience!

One of the greatest capital in Europe is Madrid, this city can offer to you a unforgotable experience in your life.

Day 1 - Madrid
Events of the day
Parque del Retiro

It is not just one of the lungs of Madrid, but offers also culture, leisure and sport locals and visitors. Among his most important architectural and historical elements are: the Great Pond where you can go rowing, Velázquez Palace and the Crystal Palace, both currently used as showrooms. The Crystal Palace, romantic pavilion created to accommodate a sample of exotic plants in the Philippines Expo 1887, is one of the prime examples of iron architecture in Spain.

Additional Retirement houses sculptures and notable sources are: the monument to Alfonso XII, project architect José Grases Riera or booked Fernando VII, located on the corner of O'Donnell and Menendez Pelayo street. The latter includes the Casa del Pescador, the Artificial Mountain and Smuggler House (the former hall Florida Park), giving it a romantic air. Also highlights the statue of the fallen angel; only sculpture in the world representing the devil and the source of the Galapagos, which commemorates the birth of Isabel II.

One of the attractions is to rent a rowboat and paddle across the lake, it is an ideal couples who want to enjoy a romantic experience when the sun goes down and you can see the sun hiding in the trees and the water turns the color of sunset.

The rent for each boat rowing costs 4.30 euros and entitles to 45 minutes of use.

A maximum of four people per boat (adults, children or infants) is permitted. All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Real Palace of Madrid

Would you like to feel as a King? If you visit to Madrid one of your stops must be this amazing place.

The building is inspired by draws made by Bernini for the construction of the Louvre in Paris. It revolves around a square courtyard and has a gallery and a Square, where the main facade of the palace is located. The decoration of each room, its distribution has been changing over the years, adapting to the real needs of their tenants. 


Basic rate: 10 €

Reduced price: 5 €

Agency fee: € 8

Free entrance:

 Monday through Thursday at the Royal Palace from 16:00 to 18:00 h. (October to March) and from 18:00 to 20:00 h. (April to September), free entrance for EU citizens, residents and work permit holders in this area and Ibero-American citizens with proof of nationality or residence or work permit.

Plaza Mayor

This arcaded square is the heart of Old Madrid, the old town and one of the most charming neighborhoods.

Before Madrid was the capital of a great avenues and boulevards, his map was made up small streets and alleys, which today take us back to times of swordsmen and rogues.

The Plaza Mayor began to be founded on the site of the old Plaza del Arrabal, where the most popular market of the town was in the late fifteenth century, when the court of Philip II moved to Madrid. In 1617 the architect Juan Gomez de Mora establish uniformity to buildings of this place, which for centuries has hosted the festivals, bullfights, beatifications, coronations and an auto de fe is responsible.

A cup of coffe never tasted better! You can choose to take a good coffee among the various cafes around the square and sit on the terraces they have and enjoy the view


PlazaMayor, 28012


Plaza de Cibeles

The Cibeles fountain, built in 1782 and since 1895 in its current location, has finished giving his name to one of the most emblematic squares of Madrid and has become a symbol of the capital. The source represents the Roman goddess of the same name, symbol of earth, agriculture and fertility, on a chariot pulled by lions.

The source was not only an artistic monument, it was from the beginning a utility for Madrid. He had two water pipes that remained open until 1862. From one official water carriers, who used to be Asturian and Galician were supplied and carried water to the houses and on the other, the general public is supplied. Pylon drank the horses

The goddess is also an icon of the supporters of the football team Real Madrid, because with it the Madrid team titles, as well as the successes of the Spanish football team celebrated. 


Plazade Cibeles, s/n 28014

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Marco Antonio Torres Suntaxi


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Location Spain, Madrid
Categories Art & architecture
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