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Mormaço (Belém, Brazil)

Bars & Clubs

Mormaço (Belém, Brazil)

Trendy and traditional venue. Great place to eat, drink and dance.

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Mormaço (Belém, Brazil)
In a large hall with view to River Guamá, the public stirs up with the sound of various bands. At Fridays there are presentations of reggae, rock, samba-rock and popular brazilian music bands; On Saturdays there is the night called "Bregaço" which promotes shows of Brega music that is really popular in the city. Presentations that mix rock, reggae and carimbó take place at Sundays, beggining in the lunch time.
The first tip is that if you want a more familiar enviroment, you should go on Sundays, when you can seat and enjoy good music, good food and the peace of the river. But if you are looking to see people and dance a lot in a bustling place, then you should go at Fridays and Saturdays where the tables and chair give space to the dance floor.
The second one is to ask for a 0,5l Caipirinha, tradicional brazilian drink, that costs only 2,4eur.

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Camila Coelho

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Location Brazil, Belém
Categories Bars and clubs
Avaliable on Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Address Passagem Carneiro da Rocha, s/nº - near to Parque Mangal das Garças - Cidade Velha - Belém
Phone number +5591980732476
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Additional information
Open air space. Prince range: $. Working timetable: Fridays and Saturdays: 15:00-04:00 Sundays: 10:00-00:00.


Oktogon 3
1066 Budapest
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