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Murcia is not a Typical Spanish City

1 day trip

Murcia is not a Typical Spanish City

If you want to walk through the roman and musulman history this is your best opportunity to know the history behind of city.

Day 1 - Star the adventure
Events of the day
Plaza Cardenal Belluga

Located in the center of Murcia near to the Segura river. We will start visiting the Cathedral of Saint Mary and we can see  its architecture that mixes Gothic and Baroque style and make it one of  the most beautiful cathedral in Spain.  

Inside  the cathedral in the chapel main we can visit the urn that keeping the Alfonso X The Wise´s hearth King of Spain.

Casino of Murcia

After visiting the Cathedral of Saint Mary the next stop is 15 minutes walking through the Trapería´s zone where we can find differents shops where you can buy any kind of souvenirs.

The Casino of Murcia was declared a historic monument artistic of national character  in 1983. Inside we can see a beautiful arabic courtyard which is crowned by a glass dome being this the highest point of the building.

After courtyard we will see a gallery from we can Access several romos, incluiding the British Library and a variety of styles that will not leave anyone indifferent.

La Bernarda restaurant

La Bernarda is a typical murcian restaurant where you can try many different dishes: cheese salad, steak strips with honey mustard sauce and their lovely  atmosphere is perfect to renew your desire to know more about this city. 

All these dishes are made with the best local products from the murcian farms. Don´t forget asking by the typical murcian salad and drink red wine from Jumilla!!! 

Address: Calle Joaquín Costa, 14, 30003 Murcia, España

Phone: +34 968 21 91 83

Univesity of Murcia

This university was founded by The King Alfonso X, The Wise in 1272 and its name come from the church and convent belonging to the Order of Mercy and now belongs to the Franciscans., and this university have one of the best roman style garden in the city.

Almudí Palace

The Almudí palace was built in S. XV and was a store of grains of the city after that  its become the Judicial Court. Currenly the first floor have the Municipal Historical Archives of the city and is also municipal art center.

Outside stands a relief of the Matron of Murcia, it is piece of art of Hernando de Torquemada. It is the representation of a woman, a midwife, breastfeeding a child who is next to his own and coming to symbolize and honor the hospitality of the city of Murcia. The pelican is the relief crown is a symbol of abundance.,0,c,371,m,1071&r=CeP-2256-DETALLE_CENTRO

Dinner in Pepita Pulgarcita rest.

Pepita Pulgarcita is a restaurant located in the center of Murcia, with a modern menu, great food, great atmosphere and best of all it's gourmet restaurant modern and innovative cuisine with an affordable price.

You can enjoy a cool environment tasting the best food and wine you could imagine.

trip created by

Marco Antonio Torres Suntaxi


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Location Spain, Murcia
Categories Day trips
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