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Notthingham Forest

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Notthingham Forest

One of the most famous cocktail bar in Italy and it is in the top 50 bar of the world! Cocktails from 7 €, but it will be yours best!

Day 1 - Your best cocktail
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Your best cocktail

The Nottingham Forest cocktail bar in Milan is a local institution, and is regularly named in any list that compiles the 50 best bars in the world, thanks to its pioneering use of molecular mixology.
The bar staff, lead by Dario Comini, are pioneers of "bar chef mixology". Armed with filters and molecular essences, they have paved the way for what is now the worldwide trend. With more than 40 years of experience in the field, they often bring new drink recipes back from their international travels.
The menu is huge - ask for the English menu if you don't understand Italian - with each page explaining the magic behind the drinks. You can choose from drinks that smoke, those made by lasers, those that come in syringes, pipettes or tablets, others presented in boxes, bathtubs, hip flasks, bottles or even glasses within glasses. The presentation of each drink is definitely the talking point around the bar and you could literally spend an entire night in here being wowed by the artistic creations of the bar staff.
Unbelievably, price is average, from 7 € for a classic cocktail, 10 € for specials.
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 18:30 to 02:00.

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Marco Ancona

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Location Italy, Milan
Categories Bars and clubs
Avaliable on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Address Viale Piave 1, Milano
Phone number +39 02 798 311
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Additional information
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, cocktails from 7 €


Oktogon 3
1066 Budapest
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