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One city. One day. One experience. Many memories.

Day Trips

One city. One day. One experience. Many memories.

Explore with us beautiful city Lučenec, where you will find historical places next to the modern buildings. Yes this is the Lučenec - ONE CITY-ONE DAY- ONE EXPERIENCE- MANY MEMORIES!

Day 1 - One city. One day. One experience.
Events of the day
Jewish Synagogue
Jewish Synagogue in Lucenec built in 1924 and completed in 1926. The huge domed structure is the only surviving synagogue out of five, that once stood in the town. Unfortunately this synagogue was abandoned really long time. Nobody cares about this beautiful building in Lucenec. Finally, after long years of abandon, in 2015, city with financial support of EU funds, started with renovation. So nowadays synagogue is under construction. The construction should last until March 2016. The synagogue will serve as a multifunctional cultural facility, that will serve local residents as well as tourists.

Calvinist Church
Calvinist Church is situated in historical downtown of Lucenec. Beautiful church was built between years 1851 and 1853. In 1896 was completed 64 m high tower, on it´s top is rooster, the symbol of the viligance and power. Nowadays in the church are held regular services.
Novohrad Museum and Gallery
Novohrad Museum and Gallery in Lučenec was established in 1955. It was built in the Baroque-Classical style. It manages over 30 000 archeological, historical and artistic objects in its collection. The gallery collection represents the works of artists who lived or were connected with Lucenec and its area.
This gallery has really interesting exhibitions and you can get your entry ticket just for 1 €/person, and for your kids 0,5 €/child, during opening hours. Beyond opening hours you will pay 1,5 €/person.
Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday: 9am to 5 pm and Sunday: 2 pm to 5 pm
Novohrad Library
Novohrad Library in Lučenec is public, cultural and educational institution. It serves as a Town Library for town Lucenec and as Regional Library for districts of Lucenec and Poltar. Library is divided into the few parts according of literature. In Novohrad Library you can find any kind of literature and every visitor will be satisfied.

No, there is no mistake! In Lucenec you can really find skyscrapers called Twin Towers. Ok...Twin Towers are not as high as skyscraper in NYC, but still - Lucenec has skyscrapers! Constructions of these two buildngs start in 1998 and was finished in 2006.
Honestly, there is not so much what to do or see. But as a reason to take a selfie, why not, right?! 

trip created by

Nikoleta Vitovská

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Location Slovakia, Lucenec
Categories Art & architecture
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