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Parco della Caffarella

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Parco della Caffarella

Get lost in the nature and take a walk between history and legends.
You can do it independently, step by step or with a bike, or booking a visit; also you can taste local cheese in the Casale della Vaccareccia.

Day 1 - Rest your mind
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Rest your mind

The Valley of the Caffarella is part of the archaeological park of the Appian Way (Parco Regionale dell'Appia Antica), and is a stretch of countryside within the city, dotted with ruins. A truly unique spot with a strange and sometimes spooky atmosphere, the Valley of the Caffarella is a timeless stretch of land which borders the built-up areas of southern Rome, cutting right into the modern city between the Via Appia Antica and Via Latina. It follows the course of the small river Almone through a green and hilly landscape.
It is a protected public park, and is home to many species of birds and animals which have vanished from much of the remaining Roman countryside. There is a wild feeling about the terrain, parts of which are still used for agricultural purposes, and you may encounter flocks of sheep, guarded by shaggy white dogs.

The Caffarella is not just interesting for its wildlife and its fresh countryside air, however. The area between two ancient Roman roads is dotted with archaeological sites: myths and legends abound here. 
As well as sheep, you are most likely to encounter health-conscious Romans jogging or cycling around the winding paths in the valley bottom, or up the slopes from which, on a clear day, you can see the hills around Rome, capped with snow in winter.

One of the most intriguing sites in the park is the Casale della Vaccareccia, a farm complex which appears to have had bits added, and other bits left to rot, since time began. The sprawling building has battlemented walls, an abandoned tower, gaping window frames, but is obviously inhabited: you may see boys feeding chickens in the dirt or grandmother hanging out washing. Also, here, you can taste local cheese made by farmers at only 5 €; you'll love it.
All you need is..relax!

trip created by

Marco Ancona

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Location Italy, Rome
Categories Walking holidays
Address Largo Pietro Tacchi Venturi, 00179 Roma
Phone number 333 7137257
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