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Peñón del Santo

Day Trips

Peñón del Santo

If you want to enjoy of the best Almuñécar's views, this is your place!!

Day 1 - Peñón del Santo
Events of the day
Peñón del Santo
Forming a natural barrier between the main beaches of Playa Puerta del Mar and Playa San Cristóbal at the old harbour entrance are three rocks (peñones), one large (El Peñón del Santo) and two smaller ones (Peñón de Enmedio and Peñón de Afuera). 

El Peñón del Santo, once the site of an ancient shrine and connected to the castle by a walkway, houses a cross to commemorate the defeat of the Arabs and the surrender of Almuñécar in 1489 during the Catholic reconquest of Spain.

It is also a splendid viewpoint (mirador). Steps wind up to the top where you can enjoy the magnificent views of the beaches, castle and surrounding hills.

The two smaller rocks, Peñón de Enmedio and Peñón de Afuera, are home to numerous seagulls, mostly Yellow-legged Gulls (similar to Herring Gulls), and it is fascinating to watch them glide gracefully and effortlessly over the rocks before coming in to land.

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Elena María Aguado Sánchez

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Location Spain, Almuńécar
Categories Beach, Beach holidays, Family holidays, Romantic trips, Sightseeing, Travel photography
Avaliable on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Address Plaza San Cristóbal, 5, 18690 Almuñécar, Granada
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