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Relax day in Cadiz

Day Trips

Relax day in Cadiz

Spend your day in the south of Spain relaxing in the beach and eating tipical dishes in one of the most famous restaurant here.

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Relax day in Cadiz
Spend a family day in the south of Spain joining with the spanish culture and his people.
There are lots of possibilities to have a relax day with your family or friends in Cadiz. But we are not going to be in Cadiz, we are exactly in El Puerto de Santa Maria, one of the most famous and beautiful towns of this province.
To start the day you can go to the beach and have sunbathing  until the lunch time. There are nine different beachesto choose between. You can find all them here:
Then you can  have lunch in the most famous restaurant for the tourist, where yo will finall kind of fresh fish and you can ask to eat there or to take away.It calls Romerijo, you will find all the places where they are and the food to sell here:
On the afternoon, and after have been eating as much as you can, is time to walk a bit and visit the Camaron┬┤s tomb. Camaron was one of the most famous singers in the south of Spain, and his tomb is one of the most attractive stuff to see there. You can search and learn a bit more about him here:

trip created by

Alberto Corbalán Moreno

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Location Spain, Cadiz
Categories Bars and clubs, Beach, Day trips, Food, Food and drink, Leisure
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