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Relaxing day in the mountain range of Madrid

Day Trips

Relaxing day in the mountain range of Madrid

If you want to try something differente and obtain another voew of Madrid, here we show you a chance that sure you will like

Day 1 - Relaxed day in Madrid´s mountain range
Events of the day
Relaxed day in Madrid´s mountain range
Madrid has lots  of things to see in the center, but ifyou look up to the north you will find some mountains with some villages  where you can feel the other face of Madrid and enjoy also at the sametimethat you get fresh air in a different enviroment  without so much polution.
Here, in this small towns in the north you can find other activities that you will like for sure. The mountain range startsin Guadalix de la Sierra, but this will not be our first option. You can rent some bicycle in Soto del Real and ride to the nearest towns during the morning ( Then to have lunch you can go to Guadalix de la Sierra to the restaurant L´Antica ( and after get some canoes in the lake of the village (
During the afternoon you cna visit Manzanares el Real and see the oldest town and the famous castle (
Finally you can dinner in Miraflores ( in any of the restaurants that the town has, all of them offer you the best beef of the place.

trip created by

Alberto Corbalán Moreno

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Location Spain, Madrid
Categories Camping, Cycling holidays, Day trips, Family holidays, Leisure, Rest and relaxation
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