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Rita & Cocktails

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Rita & Cocktails

In the Italian Top 10 of cocktail Bars, it's one of the most reliable destinations if you want a really good drink in Navigli! 
Aperitivo at 8 € from 19:00 to 21:30!

Day 1 - Aperitivo in Navigli
Events of the day
Aperitivo in Navigli
Born in 2002 when the happy hour routine was in full swing everywhere, the guys at the Rita – Edoardo and Fabio behind the counter and Gianluca in the kitchen – always stood out: the honorary cocktails, whose names have often been inspired by the barmen’s travels around the world, are made with fresh and natural ingredients (nothing lyophilized), carefully selected primary ingredients (from grappa, to whiskey, bourbon, gin and rum, everything is hand picked) and are accompanied by simple tarts, vegetables in olive oil marinade and small tastes of finger food directly from the kitchen.
Rita & Cocktail is listed in the Italian Top 10 of cocktail Bars, today it’s probably one of the most reliable destinations in the city if you want a really good drink, and the public carries on singing its success. The Gin Zen is phenomenal (in the variation vodka zen, for those that prefer it): a cocktail with crushed ice, gin, fresh crushed ginger, lime and soda. But there are quite a few cocktails that have contended for the title over the years, like the Why Mango served in jelly jars.
The guys greet you as if you’re always there, every night, you’ll feel like you’re a friend they’ve been waiting for. You can eat great Hamburgers, with meat from the Massironi butcher (in the nearby via Corsico) or club Sandwhiches. The menu is completed by barley salads and a few other carefully chosen plates.
Every day, from 18:30 to 21:30 aperitivo at 8 €!
Open 7 days at week, from 18:30 to 02:00.

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Marco Ancona

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Location Italy, Milan
Categories Bars and clubs
Avaliable on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Address Via Angelo Fumagalli 1, 20143 Milano
Phone number 02 837 2865
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Every day from 18:30, free appetizer and cocktails from 7/8 €


Oktogon 3
1066 Budapest
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