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Ruta del Río Dílar

Day Trips

Ruta del Río Dílar

The Dílar River is a river in the province of Granada, in Andalusia, Spain. Born in the western area of ​​Sierra Nevada, in the Lagunillos of the Virgin, and empties into the river Genil.

Day 1 - Ruta del Río Dílar
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Ruta del Río Dílar
The municipality of Dílar is located on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, at 878 meters altitude and along the river that bears his name. Its natural setting and proximity to the city of Granada makes it an ideal place to practice rural tourism, hiking, biking or on horseback. Its location makes it enjoy one of the most privileged of northwest ledge of Penibético solid and more diverse shades landscaped enclaves. On the one hand, the banks of the Dílar River between poplars; on the other, olive groves, pines and oaks. The attraction of this natural setting is complemented by a range of leisure and training in educational innovation center Huerto Alegre, a classroom of nature nestled in the Sierra Nevada Park.
The Dílar River rises high up, at almost 2,900 meters, in the Laguna de las Yeguas, running in a first tranche, its parallel to the Loma de Dílar separating it from the basin of the river Monachil course, for later encased between Trevenque and Alayos. No major tributaries, although ravines that enrich their flow and is an untamed river that domestica, past the power plant to supply water to the town that bears his name and vega, even earlier, at the height of the Ravine Blanquillas waters, has "suffered" bleeding the Channel Espartera.

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Elena María Aguado Sánchez

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Location Spain, Granada
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Address Unnamed Rd, 18150 Granada
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