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Sapori di Casa

Day Trips

Sapori di Casa

On the Sicily west coast, there's a beautiful city with with a lovely cousine. This is Marsala; here Sapori di Casa wait you to offer delicious recipes with local and genuine ingredients!

Day 1 - Local recipes
Events of the day
Local recipes
Sapori di Casa is a beautiful flat restaurant with a great view on the seacoast. Not only, it offers local recipes with homemade ingredients that you'll love.
Moreover, Sapori di Casa offers the possibility to pick up you from the airport or the place you are to the location for free. It's not finished, because you can also stay for a night or more in the flat, just with a small plus ( to be agreed with the owner).
About the menu, every day you'll taste different dishes prepared with local product like:
- soup with carrot, potatoes and ginger;
- risotto with peas and aromatic herbs;
- eggplant parmigiana;
- peppers stuffled with meat and aromatic herbs;
- grilled fishes or sausages with salad;
- local cake;
These are only some examples you can taste;obviously, drink in included in the price, 25 €.
The owners are very friendly and the location is amazing!

trip created by

Marco Ancona

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Location Italy, Marsala
Categories Day trips, Family holidays
Address Contrada Ponte Fiumarella 31, 91025 Marsala
Phone number 3286554973
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Additional information
For more informations contact the chef at e-mail address


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1066 Budapest
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