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Summertime in a Greek island

Local Meeting Points

Summertime in a Greek island

Why do you have to spend a lot of money and time just to go to an exotic place at the other side of the world? White long beaches, crystal blue water, palm trees and suntan and why not also a great refreshment, all can be found just some hours away from you! Crete,the biggest island of Greece, is the perfect place to go and visit!

Day 1 - Lets Meet The Place
Events of the day
Meeting point: Lake of Voulismeni
We will meet at the central of Ayios Nikolaos so we can easily start our small tour!
The town of Ayios Nikolaos
The town of Ayios Nikolaos is a small town, easy to walk around. We will visit the lake of Voulismeni, walk through the famous pavement "Pezodromos" with the little shops and have a cold greek coffee and try the greek frozen yoghurt.
For sure we will try traditional Cousine in a taverna!
Elounda: Natural Beaches with a Luxury Touch
In the afternoon, we will go to Elounda Village to see the how tourism can affect an old traditional village.. You can find numerous 5star hotels here,where great celebrities like Rihanna and Ronaldo have checked in. If you do not fancy this type of lifestyle, don't worry, We will go for swimming in a secret place where you can find underwater ruins of the ancient village of Olous and if we are lucky, we can find the rare Turtles swimming with us!
Day 2 - Day2: Lets get more suntanned!
Events of the day
Early wake up so we can go to this uninhabited Greek island to the south of Crete next to Ierapetra. Chrissi, is protected as an "area of intense natural beauty". Here is where you will feel the exotic vibe: The sea has light blue colour and the long white bays have a wide diversity of shells. Sounds good?
Well, we have two choices: Either to get the last boat trip back either to camp here all night! You can pick!
Day 3 - Day3: Palm trees? -YES, please!
Events of the day
Vai Beach
Next stopover, is the ,once favourite, sanctuary of Hippies, Vai. Palm trees and White sands are the things that make it so special. Relaxing more is what is required while visiting this place.

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Marina Joy Miranda

Accountant in the making..

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Location Greece, Áyios Nikólaos
Categories Backpacking, Beach, Beach holidays, Summer holidays, Swimming holidays, Travel photography
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