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The Slovak Sea!

Day Trips

The Slovak Sea!

Sea water in Slovakia? Ouu yes! If you wanna spend your day with family or friends in unusal way, this is something for you!

Day 1 - The Slovak Sea!
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Aquapark Novolandia
Rapovce - small village close to the city Lučenec in Slovakia has something special and unusal. As unusal we may consider Aquapark Novoladia with thermal water, which is similar to the sea water! Sounds great when you imagine, that Slovakia does not have any sea or even ocean. In adition, this water is rich in minerals and helps people recover their health. Water has 38,1° C and comes from depth of 1 501 m.
In Aquapark Novolandia in Rapovce you can spend beautiful, lazy day with your family members, friends or just enjoy your day alone. Everything is up to you and if you choose spend your day in thermal water alone or with somebody else, you will be more than satisfied! Here you can find 4 pools for any kinds of using (for relaxation, kids, swimming, etc.), lobby and beach bar, and many-many others!
You can get all of these amazing things just for 6,5 €/person, for you, and you will pay 4,5 € for your child (all day ticket). OR you will get some discount if you will come after 3 pm. 
For more details see website:

trip created by

Nikoleta Vitovská

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Location Slovakia, Lucenec
Categories Family holidays, Swimming holidays
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