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The Valley of the Beautiful Woman

1 day trip

The Valley of the Beautiful Woman

If you would you like to see, feel and taste the real Hungarian culture you are on the right way! Just come along with us and you will never forget on day you spend in one of the most beautiful city in Hungary!

Day 1 - The Valley of the Beautiful Women
Events of the day
Wine Cellars
Just the two hours north of the capitol city Budapest, there is a small city called Eger. In this beautiful city are dozens of things which you can do, see and explore. BUT nobody comes to Eger just to see architectures, castle or thermal bath. 
The other reason, why people loving this city is an area known as "Szépasszöny-völgy", which in english romantically means The Valley of the Beautiful Women.
In this area lies well-known Hungary´s wine region. In The Valley of the Beautiful Women you will find many-many wine cellars, with lots and lots wine of any type and to be honest you will love all of them! Eat Hungary specialities, while drinking and tasting these wines is incredible experience.
And you know what is the BEST on all of that? The price you will pay for everything is dirt cheap!

Wine Tasting
When you once come to The Valley of the Beautiful Woman...and one you try taste of these delicious wines you can not miss WINE TASTING! The most famous wine in Eger is definitely EGRI BIKAVÉR or "Bull´s Blood. It is dark and rich red wine you probably like. Just in case if you are not "red-wine lover", no problem. You can choose from dozens and dozens other white wines or rosé.
You can get experience of wine tasting in any wine cellars situated in The Valley of the Beautiful Women. 
However I would like to recommended to you Juhász Pincészet, where you can choose from many of wine competitions winners, tradition dishes and everything in pleasant atmosphere of this cellar.

trip created by

Nikoleta Vitovská

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Location Hungary, Eger
Categories Food and drink
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