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Waterfall Conde D’eu

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Waterfall Conde D’eu

Sumidouro, mountainous region of the state of Rio de Janeiro, holds the largest waterfall in Free Fall of the state with 127 meters high. It is a very beautiful landscape with Atlantic Forest primary vegetation and frequent formation of rainbow.

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Waterfall Conde D’eu
Over the centuries, the precipitation of water in large volume and elevation dug a wide canyon in the rock at its base. Thus, the impact of water in the "pit" form a cloud, like a veil, which reaches a significant height and moistens the valley vegetation. Meters below, large rocks rounded by erosion, form small waterfalls, surrounded by typical vegetation of the region and shallow wells in sand where the water runs quietly. Frequent rainbow formations complete the impressive local beauty. The surrounding landscape consists of steep geological formations, where, still preserved, a small sample of primary vegetation of the Atlantic Forest.
Leaving the Sumidouro Centre, you should go 15Km to the Cascade, following the RJ-148. The board on access to the dirt road to the Cascata already indicates that the path is very difficult indeed. Entering this access go straight until you find the first fork. In it, go to the left. Continue until you reach the bridge over the Rio Paquequer. Arriving there, turn right and follow to the end (or even where you can get by car, then continue on foot), always keeping to the right. Follow, and gradually will begin to see the waterfall. The road is long and sometimes with mud.

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Thiago Leal

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Location Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Categories Adventure travel, Green travel, Group trips, Rest and relaxation, Sightseeing, Travel photography
Avaliable on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Address Approximately 15km from the center of Sumidouro (see on the description)
Phone number (22)25311128
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Approximately 15km from the center of Sumidouro Go prepared to walk on the ground floor Free entry.


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