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Wroclaw, The City of Gnomes!

1 day trip

Wroclaw, The City of Gnomes!

This magical and beautiful city is the largest city in western of Poland. Also it is known like the Little Venetian of the West because there are many river through the city . Wroclaw was in many time part of the Kingdom of  Poland, Hungary, Bohemia, the Austria Empire, Prussia, and Germany and in 1945 it became part of Poland after the Second War World.

Day 1 - Gnomes´ tour
Events of the day
Enchanted city

There is a legend that the gnomes arrived to Wroclaw looking for an that was stolen food to the habitants. But the true history is exists an clandestine group named “The Orange Alternative” that can´t have a direct confrontation decide draw on the sarcasm and the satire way  agains them. Around the city there are more tan 165 gnomes distribuites. Take your camera and let the hunt beging!

Good Food

After  that adventure looking for the gnomes we should recover our energy and the best way to do that is eating a typical delicious pierogi in one of the best and cheapest restaurant in Wroclaw: Kurna Chata (Odrzańska 17, Wrocław). 

They have many differents dishes with a nice prices and good quality. Don´t forget to ask by the Goulash with buckwheat, pickle, beets and pierogi of vegetable as well.

Artesanal beer in Spiz bar

 If you are the kind of people enjoy a good beer this is your place. One visit is enough to see that this place is really what bars should be all about.

I mean, how many bars in my own country have their own brewery inside. The beer was super, the service is great and the atmosphere is amazing.

Would love to return here on a hot day and sit outside sampling each and every one of the fine beers they produce.

Multimedia Fountain

From May to October you can´t lose how the jet gun distributed under the fountain launch the water 15 metres over the ground and it is accompanied with music and lights that arouse in the spectator feelings that they have never felt.

One of the best multimedia water shows that you can imagine. The show start at 20:30 and last 30 minutes. This event is totally free but if you want to have a better place to watch ityou should go to the terrace of the Wroclaw Congress Centre (Wrocławskie Centrum Kongresowe). Entrance tickets priced at PLN 5 are available at the souvenirs point at the Wroclaw Congress Centre (Wrocławskie Centrum Kongresowe) from 12:30 p.m. - 09:30 p.m. on the day of the show.

trip created by

Marco Antonio Torres Suntaxi


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Location Poland, Wroclaw
Categories Adventure travel
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