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Nightlife in different countries

The party in Europe is an art ... People of all ages gather in bars and pubs. If you could choose where would you go to party? Can you imagine a night in South America?


Surely, if we talk about Budapest night we have to talk about the VII district, Erzsébetváros. Where you can find bars, cafés, restaurants and nightclubs. Afternoon or evening usually starts on a Ruin Pub, they are perfect for a beer and chatting while night take place. Szimpla, Fogas ház or Koleves kert Kuplung are the most famous pubs. On the Danube there are also some boats moored celebrating parties. One of these boats, which is open all year, is the A-38 and looks like a warship, but is actually a Ukrainian freighter become second hand bar, nightclub and concert hall. Want a drink? Ask for a beer is the right choice if you do not want that your budget go out of your hands. In the bars a pint jar of beer is around €1, while wine is more expensive. The shots are around €2, you cannot go away without trying the Palinka. And finally, remember: to make a toast in Hungary you must say "Egészségedre".


Maybe it’s not one of the capitals with the most nightlife, but knowing the right places, you can spend the whole night out if you want.

The Trastevere area is one of the liveliest of Rome throughout the year. The atmosphere is very special thanks to breweries, bars, live music locals, pizza restaurants with outdoor terraces, parties and street performers. Testaccio is an area with many nightclubs one after another: Zoobar, Coyote (free entrance), Fake, Radio Londra, Jungle, Akab, Caffè Caruso, Caffè Latino, Joia, SottoSotto and more. Near the Coliseum is the gay area with many local gay friendly, as coming out.

The minimum age for drinking alcohol is 16 years and the bars generally stay open until 24:00h in winter season until 02:00h in summer. The drink prices vary according to location and in a downtown bar can range between €2 - €7, while in discos a cocktail can be €12. The entry price to discos varies by site and night, usually between €10 - €15. To go out at night the Romans dress informally.


In the capital will find lively areas and some of the best clubs in Spain. Depending on your style you will identify better with some areas or other:

Huertas: Is the preferred place by tourists and also a foreign students place. It is very close to Puerta del Sol.

Malasaña: This area was the center of the "Movida" of the 70s and 80s and is characterized by its alternative and bohemian atmosphere.

Chueca: We could call this area the "Soho" of Madrid. This small neighborhood is one of the most cosmopolitan and fun in the city.

Avenida de Brasil: Near the Bernabeu you can find one of the most vibrant areas of the city, expensive bars and beautiful people.

Argüelles-Moncloa: This is the area for the younger people. In Argüelles there are many students of nearby residences.

In Madrid there are over 500 clubs, so we just name the best known. If you want to get into clubs for free, you have to note down on a list to access without queues and without pay. The price of admission if you are not on the list is around €12 and one drink inside the club is €10.

Kapital: The most famous nightclub in Madrid. It was built in an old theater and has seven floors in different environments. In the last floor it has a terrace that opens with the good weather. Very young atmosphere.

Joy Eslava: It has been a meeting place of many famous since it opened in 1981. It is open daily and the atmosphere is international and of all ages.

New Garamond: It is one of the most famous clubs in Madrid, the public of this club is older (from 25 years) and select.

Gabana 1800: Great atmosphere for the youngest people of the capital. You should go well dressed and trust that the bouncers did not have a bad day.


It’s definitely a city with a vibrant nightlife. The good atmosphere fill up not only the hundreds of bars, taverns and discos, also the streets.

In Plaka is located one of the most intriguing premises of Athens, the Brettos, it definitely is worth even for just for its colorful collection of bottles that greets you upon entering is one of the oldest distilleries in Athens. Psiri area is located the Loud Mansion, one of the most popular clubs if are looking for partying until the sunrise with live DJs on weekends. If you like hip-hop music you can also visit Loop that usually brings good rap artists each week.

Usually the bars close their doors at 04:00 am, while nightclubs are between 04:00 and 06:00 am. Access rates to discos as the same manner that the drinks, vary from one to another and if it comes to weekends or not, but usually a beer is around €6 while a whiskey reaches the €8. The minimum drinking age is 18 years and it is possible to dress informally for nightlife.


In the Slovak capital we have an infinite number of pubs that serve the finest beers. Hysteria Pub, where the young people usually meets, which is near the hockey stadium and the Slovak Pub, a true giant pub with 14 different rooms hosting up to 650 people. The rooms are decorated with Slovak historical reasons, and also have their own beer; a must and very picturesque. The price of the pint jar round the euro and the closing time of Slovak pubs usually is at 1am.


It’s a city that tourists likes a lot during the day but it also has a highly recommended nightlife, especially in summer, when there is a better atmosphere to enjoy the different discos and other establishments for a drink and enjoy good music. Tourists that usually known Nicosia don't often lose the great discos and pubs, which are highly recommended to have a good time and enjoy holidays.

It is very nice to go out at night in Nicosia, taverns are classic places, especially because inside it can interpret some theater plays and you can enjoy good drinks to hang out, which is what it is about. The best of all is that there is fun for all audiences and for all tourists that they desire to enjoy this city.

The minimum drinking age is 17 years but the minimum age to get into the locals where alcohol is served is 16 years.


Nightlife in Vilnius might be a nice surprise to you. There are plenty of alive streets for a different kinds of interests.

Gediminas avenue - the main street named after the duke who started to build this city, connecting the Cathedral square with the Parlament at the end and lasting for more than 2 kilometres, offers to visit some crazy clubs for real party animals. In there you can dance until the first bus in the morning. Great thing about the street - it has everything so if you get hungry in the middle of the party, there is no problem to find a place to eat.

Vilnius street - this street probably has the most bars and pubs in one place. Noisy and full on Fridays and during the weekend, great to just hop around different places and go with the flow or find the one place you love and enjoy some good lithuanian beers. The country has plenty of them!

Some other nice places to enoy the night might be found on Vokiečių, Trakai streets, Užupis district or surroundings.

The minimum drinking age is 18 years, however some clubs might be entered only if you have turned 21 already. Oh and also - drinking in public places is strictly forbidden. Cheers - į sveikatą!


Increasing selection of vibrant clubs and bars, each with their own unique style makes Warsaw one of the top Europe nightlife destinations. Just you will experience diversity, excitement and class. Warsaw offers a multitude of bars and clubs all around the city. In the summer, many nightspots offer outdoor drinking areas. A good source of information about cafés, pubs and clubs in Warsaw is the monthly Warsaw Insider (

Warsaw’s visitors choose bars and clubs like Paparazzi or Eve. Among the most tourist - friendly places in Warsaw is Klubokawiarnia, which sign itself as one of the hippest places in the city. The club is located on Czackiego street. The dance floor is packed with young singles. The club closes every day at 6am. They have strict selection there, like in many other clubs, so it's best to go with a local guide to avoid negotiating at the door. In case you don’t enter, you will never know the reason. On the bit hipster side, there is Kulturalna, Powiekszenie and Plan B where you don't need to dress up, and you can enter with a T-shirt and jeans. For the more adventurous, brave explorers cross the river to the Praga district. There you can find bars and clubs in former factories or in old buildings. Fabryka Trzciny and Saturator are two popular clubs as well.

Other more popular choices among foreigners:

Opera Club – huge modern club in the heart of Warsaw, magical atmosphere made with Buddhist-style furniture, comfortable coaches, and stone walls.

Platinium Club - a trendy nightclub, top among tourists and local show-biz. The door selection is very strict and it is also one of the most expensive bars in Warsaw.

Kokomo strip club – maybe not the best one but pretty central and still popular – stay aware of drink prices. If they learn you are a tourist and what’s more - on your own, they will probably charge you extra for the drinks.

Klinika - Quite trendy music club as well. Located in old Russian military fort on the Raclawicka 99 street. It takes just about 5 minutes to get there from the city centre.

Regeneracja - a popular bar with dancing open late. In here you can meet bit older (30’s) people, who do not care much about their works or just do not take it seriously.

Lemon – not so formal like Platinium that is why it is one of the hottest spots for people who just wanna feel free.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has endless options for all tastes and budgets. If you wanna taste the most perfect Brazilian food you should visit: Lasai (spectacular views), Braseiro (barbecue for a good price). Bars to drink and eat the “comida de boteco” (snacks), go to: Jobi, Barzin, Nova Capela, Carioca da Gema, Bracarense. If  you wanna have party: Soho Lounge, OO (Zero Zero), Nuth, The Week  or if you do not want to go to parties, but you want to drink a little, choose: Lapa neighborhood, there you will find cold beer, snacks.

São Paulo

For fun at night in São Paulo there are numerous options, as the city is big you find cheaper places to more expensive places, the average price of a 0,5l beer is around R$ 11, 00 (3.15 €), the cocktails in city center cost around R$ 22, 00 (6€),a Marlboro cigarette pack around R$ 7,00 (2€). The most famous street in the evening is the Augusta Street; there you will find many kinds of pubs, parties, with the most varied decorations and music styles.

You can find more information about pubs, and parties in São Paulo in this web site:

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