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7 weirdest NYC museums you have to see


It sounds like something tasty? Well, kinda.
This museum is the smallest in New York as it is in a freight elevator shaft.. Located in 4 Cortlandt Alley it displays some of the "modern day artifacts." By that we mean stuff like: mutilated money, fake vomit from around the world, detailed sculptures of personal parts used to train people in the piercing profession even the shoe that was thrown at George W. Bush at the Prime Minister's Palace in Baghdad.

The Morbid Anatomy Museum

A unique and elegant spot where art, natural history, and morbid curiosity meet. The art actually  is the perfect mixture of creepy and fascinating. The have exhibitions Opus Hypnagogia: Sacred Spaces Of The Visionary And Vernacular, curated by Stephen Romano. Hypnagogia is the experience of the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep, during which hallucinations, lucid dreaming, and sleep paralysis can happen. Spooky eh?

Museum of Mathematics

A trip to The National Museum of Mathematics could inspire a passion for math in the future generation. The museum places an emphasis on activities for fourth through eighth graders, but also has interactive exhibits that could entertain a visitor of any age of course it is great for serious math nerds too! 

Body Worlds: Pulse

At Discovery Times Square, learn about the anatomy of the human body by seeing preserved human bodies and body parts created through the method of plastination, created by anatomist, Dr. Gunther von Hagens. The exhibit features the bodies of those who donated their bodies after death for the cause of anatomical study. An emphasis is placed on health and wellness while learning about the form and function of the human body.

The City Reliquary

It is a museum containing artifacts of New York City's past. Visitors can see old subway tokens, paint chips from the L train, baseball cards and more that showcase New York City's past and present.  The museum was founded by Dave Herman, who started showcasing relics in his ground-floor apartment window. Visitors who stopped to see could press a button, and his recorded voice would tell them about the objects.

Museum of the American Gangster

Located in the East Village, this two-room museum was once a former speakeasy named "Scheib's Place" in the 1920s, named after bootlegger Walter Scheib. The museum is the first one to portray the history of organized crime, focusing on prohibition and gangsters.It features old photos of New York City, and relics from organized crime hits.

Elevator Historical Society Museum

This museum is one of the two elevator museums of the world. It is incongruously situated in a cavernous car garage in an industrial corner of Queens. Elevator history expert Patrick Carrajat founded the museum, and much of the collection includes older elevator equipment from his personal collection. It includes historical literature, antique name plaques, and photos of early elevators including steam and pulley-operated systems.

[via nydailynews ]

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