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Green Prague

2017.01.09 15:03 Mon

Prague from a new point of view with Prague Green City Guide. A really interesting interview with Jennifer Day, co-founder of (Prague's first sustainable lifestyle platform).

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How Seville transformed itself into the cycling capital of southern Europe

2016.09.09 13:38 Fri

Spain remains far from a paradise for bikes – yet cycling has increased 11-fold in Seville in the space of a few years. Is this proof that any city can get lots of people riding by building an ambitious network of connected, segregated bike lanes?

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2016.08.22 13:18 Mon

Stretching across Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is a hiker's paradise filled with adventurous trekking routes.

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New law about the food waste in Italy

2016.08.17 12:00 Wed

Instead of throw out, donate. So everyone, supermarkets, restaurants, companies, associations and individuals will be encouraged to reduce food waste.

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5 tips for India first-timers

2016.08.15 13:24 Mon

How can you possibly prepare yourself? Start with our tips for taking the ultimate travel plunge: going to India for the first time!

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Useful Info before travelling to Georgia

2016.08.09 13:00 Tue

Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Sandwiched between the Caucasus Mountains to the north, the Black Sea to the west and dry deserts to the south, this small country, which borders Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, is not only a crossroads of cultures, but has a wealth of spectacular landscapes.Georgia covers a territory of 69,700 square kilometers and its population is about 4 million. It is a unitary, semi-presidential republic, with the government elected through a representative democracy. The capital  is Tbilisi.

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2016.08.03 13:51 Wed

Chris Sidwells has launched a new cycling book, Classic Cycling Race Routes: The Toughest 52 European Challenges, and we've managed to get our hands on a copy. The book contains 52 classic cycling race routes with detailed descriptions, interesting historical facts and detailed maps of the tracks and, while we may not be too interested in cycle racing, the suggested routes are perfect for taking on at your own pace and can be great additions to any cycle tours you may be planning.

While it would take you a long, long time to go and cycle the whole 52, Chris has selected his 10 favourite routes from the book and compiled them into the list below. These aren't for the faint hearted though, tough, long hill climbs will get the heart pounding and the thighs burning so get ready for a challenge!

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Trakai Town and Castle

2016.08.01 14:25 Mon

Trakai takes a great pride from having been the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania although the Grand Duke ruled from this area only for a couple of years in 1321-1322. Even after the move of the ruling family to Vilnius Trakai remained an important city, capital of one of several Voivodships of Lithuania from 1375 until the 18th century.

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4 Places to Eat the Best Granita in Catania

2016.07.28 13:33 Thu

There are 4 places to eat the best granita in Catania. Granita is a unique experience for your taste buds. You have to taste it and then you won’t do without it.

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12 of the world's cheapest holiday destinations for 2016

2016.07.26 13:27 Tue

There's a lot to consider when budgeting for a holiday, and while cheap flights and accommodation are important, so are all those hidden in-resort costs - no-one wants to have to sell an organ just to finance sundowners in that swanky rooftop bar. So, while getting to these budget destinations might cost a few bob, once you're there these countries offer great value

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Summer in Iceland: 10 things to do

2016.07.22 12:00 Fri

According to the old Icelandic calendar the year was divided into only two seasons, summer and winter, with the first Thursday after 18 April marking the point where summer begins. This day is still a public holiday, celebrated with colourful parades and a loud ‘Gleðilegt sumar!’ (Happy summer!) greeting.

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The 7 Most Amazing, Surprisingly Affordable Beach Destinations

2016.07.20 13:10 Wed

Sometimes, you just need a beach getaway. Unfortunately, you also often need a thick wallet to enjoy one properly. Take a look at our list of seven amazing beach destinations, that are surprisingly affordable.

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Morzine in the summer

2016.07.17 20:10 Sun

Outside of the ski season, the countryside surrounding Morzine opens up as a massive alpine adventure playground

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The Pink Lake in Australia

2016.07.14 19:45 Thu

Western Australia is home to a number of extraordinary pink lakes.

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2016.07.12 13:45 Tue

"...At first I sail, and then with gathering velocity I slide out, over the side of the mountain until, reaching a speed of 120kmph, I am soaring approximately 130m above the countryside of Basilicata..."

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20 Amazing Travel Experiences

2016.07.08 13:15 Fri

The good thing is that there are countless incredible things to see and life-changing experiences to have in this wide, wide world. Half the battle is knowing about them, though, so today we’re bringing you 21 travel experiences to add to your bucket list. If you do even a few of these things, you’ll be more well traveled than most of us, so here’s to baby steps…

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Accross the Usa by train in a cheap way

2016.07.06 13:05 Wed

Turns out, you don’t need a car to see America.

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Vibrant Scenes Full Of Life

2016.07.01 13:44 Fri

Imagine yourself coming back home from a long trip and… not being able to find it.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Rome

2016.06.20 14:20 Mon

"All the roads lead to Rome"

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Ice Cream in the World

2016.06.10 14:30 Fri

Here a short list of some of the best ice cream in the world, which one is your favourite?

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10 Most Beautiful Castles In The World

2016.06.07 14:52 Tue

There are so many breathtaking castles around the world and it’s very hard to make a list of the top 10. Here’s one possibility for such a list with 10 amazing castles. You’re welcome to disagree and add a comment with your favorite castles.

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Gunkanjima Island the ghost town

2016.05.27 19:08 Fri

Once the most densely populated place in the world, this island is now a ghost town...

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The Oldest Bars in the World

2016.05.22 19:04 Sun

Here some of the oldest pubs in the world!

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The best Festivals in Europe

2016.05.20 14:14 Fri

Summer is coming and with it the summer festivals

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25 most incredible Erasmus Universities

2016.05.11 19:12 Wed

The Erasmus programme allow you to live one or two semester in another university, those are the best in Europe

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Saint Kitts and the Drunk Monkeys

2016.05.06 13:30 Fri

Saint Kitts, also known more formally as Saint Christopher Island, is an island in the West Indies. The west side of the island borders the Caribbean Sea, and the eastern coast faces the Atlantic Ocean. 

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The Most Beautiful Metro Stations In The World

2016.05.03 14:10 Tue

The best metro in the world, where art and architecture live together

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Czech Gothic architecture

2016.04.28 13:15 Thu

Czech Gothic architecture refers to the architectural period primarily of the Late Middle Ages in the area of the present-day Czech Republic

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Underwater tennis center in Dubai

2016.04.22 13:20 Fri

It's just a project but the idea it's really big....

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The Best 5 Bungee Jumps in the World

2016.04.19 14:20 Tue

What’s life without a bit of extreme experiences, right? Here there are the best Bungee Jumps places in the world

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The ancient Pompeii

2016.04.15 19:20 Fri

Pompeii was an ancient Roman town-city near modern Naples, in the Campania region of Italy, in the territory of the comune of Pompei.

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The door to Hell!

2016.04.11 19:20 Mon

The Door to Hell (also known as the Gate to Hell, the Crater of Fire, Darvaza Crater) is a natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan, that collapsed in 1971

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Shipwreck Beach of Zante (the true story)

2016.03.31 12:24 Thu

Visit the most famous tourist attraction of Zante, Greece!

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Chaos Temple

2016.03.25 12:30 Fri

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Water Palace

2016.03.23 11:52 Wed

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The largest natural Undeground lake in Europe

2016.03.22 17:58 Tue

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Blue Town

2016.03.13 12:06 Sun

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The Popeye Village

2016.03.13 11:35 Sun

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Rainbow Mountain "Vinicunca"

2016.03.13 02:10 Sun

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Dreamy Camera Cafe

2016.03.13 01:37 Sun

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At the edge of the cliff

2016.03.09 11:48 Wed

Would you Dare?

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The most colourful places

2016.03.08 12:29 Tue

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Longest glass bottom bridge

2016.03.05 18:58 Sat

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"Stairway to heaven" exists.. and can be ilegal!

2016.03.05 18:14 Sat

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The most dangerous Airports of the World

2016.03.03 17:18 Thu

If you are afraid of heights, or airplanes, please do not read the following article...

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Best European Cities to cycle

2016.02.23 18:51 Tue

It is great to wander around the city on foot, but let’s admit it, who wouldn’t love to experience the following ones while cycling? 

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Top 10 Most Powerful Passports

2016.02.23 13:10 Tue

Here is a list, with the top 10 Most Powerful Passports of the world. The rank is backwards and it is based on how many countries a passport holder can travel to without using a visa.

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8 Musical Sculptures that play music with the power of Nature!

2016.02.19 14:36 Fri

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Jellyfish lake

2016.02.19 12:28 Fri

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How people laugh around the world

2016.02.16 11:26 Tue

ahahahahehehejajajaxaxaxaxa55555555 and it goes on and on!

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Unusual Beaches of the World

2016.02.11 11:14 Thu

Seriously, we did not even know most of them! 

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The coldest village on earth

2016.02.08 11:03 Mon

Sakha Republic of Russia, with capital city Yakutsk, is considered to be the most frozen part of the world. During winter time, the fumes of the factories, the vehicles and citizens, create a thick layer of fog, which covers the whole city, the cold days.

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Meals in economy and business class of 20 airlines

2016.02.04 11:11 Thu

Ever tried one of these? Which one is the most classy? Which one has the less portion? 

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Stone Forest in China

2016.02.03 13:10 Wed

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The Ice Caves under Mendenhall Glacier

2016.02.01 10:56 Mon

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Pink Lake of Senegal

2016.01.29 15:37 Fri

Ever imagined a Lagoon that would have an another color, not like the typical blue one? Blue, Black, Grey, Greenish are really common..

PINK? Not at all !

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Tiniest Club? The size of a Phone booth!

2016.01.27 13:02 Wed

Don't miss this in Berlin!

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Facts about Poland

2016.01.25 14:38 Mon

Ever been to Poland? Or interested going there?

One way or another, here are some interesting facts that will make you fall in love with this city.

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Plane Manners

2016.01.13 17:57 Wed

We were all a victim once...

Skaityti daugiau

Dining in an Italian Cave

2016.01.12 18:08 Tue

This restaurant goes viral in all social medias! 

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23 Winter-Sports Towns

2016.01.06 13:06 Wed

We gathered 23 cities best for skiing, snowboard etc ideal for Hard-carving skiers and boarders and for families and beginners!

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Hangover Curing Foods of the World

2016.01.04 13:49 Mon

New Year has arrived and all of us have to return to our job routine and classes of uni with happy stomachs full of food and perhaps bad headaches from big hangovers.

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Christmas Dinner – Which one would you eat?

2015.12.21 11:57 Mon

So, Christmas Eve is almost here!

Considering that Christmas is a deeply special time for mostly everyone, have you ever wondered how it is celebrated in other parts of the world?

No custom is more important to folks across the globe than the time-honored Christmas Eve or Christmas Day meal. Yet, these meals vary greatly in different parts of the world.

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9 Christmas Markets

2015.12.17 16:06 Thu

Skaityti daugiau

Christmas Customs Around the World - Did you know?

2015.12.16 13:07 Wed

Counting days for Christmaaaas! YEY! Lets see some interesting traditions and customs from all over the world. 

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21 most beautiful-small towns of the world

2015.12.14 11:38 Mon

Fantastic, tiny places in earth that look like they have come out of fairy tales.

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Things Travelers forget when packing

2015.12.08 18:28 Tue

Even if you’ve been packing your suitcase for a long time and feel sure that you have brought everything you need- it may still happen. Only when you arive at the airport or in the taxi you find out that something is missing.

Your travel documents, tickets, money and medication are the essentials – without them your trip might not even start. So, check around these 10 things and make sure to make a checklist before you leave again.

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Better Travel Photos with these 5 apps!

2015.12.07 11:40 Mon

Become a travel photographer, that anyone can admire, even the professionals! 

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Cities to see Street Art

2015.12.03 14:48 Thu

The street art world has undergone a massive shift in the past few years, popping up in major metropolises across the globe.

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The RAINBOW river

2015.12.02 11:51 Wed

Sometimes you think that nature can photoshop too.. 
Check out this wonder at Caño Cristales.

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Travel Advice that we should reconsider

2015.11.27 17:46 Fri

Skaityti daugiau

Dangerous "Travel"-Jobs

2015.11.25 14:47 Wed

Well not all jobs are fascinating, neither boring. There are though some that can be kinda dangerous if you really think about it. Take some ideas on the following text.

Would you do any of these?

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Why getting lost, is okay when you travel

2015.11.23 12:45 Mon

For many travelers getting lost can be one of their greatest fears.

If you handle it right though, it can offer you many good things and can enhance your travel experience. 

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9 alternative winter festivals

2015.11.20 16:37 Fri

A different way to spend your Christmas Holidays !

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Black Tourism

2015.11.18 10:31 Wed

Travelling to places that are associated with death and tragedy.

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Padlocks of the world

2015.11.17 18:45 Tue

Love can be symbolized anywhere, even when you "lock" your love with your partner on a public bridge.

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Don't Do These 18 Things Abroad

2015.11.16 11:21 Mon

18 things around the world that you should be aware of when travelling to these countries.

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Sea Organ- Musical Instrument

2015.11.13 12:21 Fri

There is a musical instrument in Zadar of Croatia, located next to the sea, which creates harmonous musical notes coming from the sea waves and the wind. 

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"In the Heart of the Sea" - The real Tragedy and The Movie

2015.11.12 13:07 Thu

If travelling to Nantucket, Massachusetts, don't forget to pass by here and tell us your experience! 

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Disney World - amazing facts (part 2)

2015.11.11 11:12 Wed

So, this is part TWO ! 

Skaityti daugiau

Disney World - amazing facts (part 1)

2015.11.10 17:59 Tue

Disney World: The place of happiness has also some secret facts that even the best fan doesn't acknowledge.

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2015.11.09 11:27 Mon

Do you like to travel but now you don’t have much money? Do you like that kind of tourism where you go through lots of cities? Then we have the solution.

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Cenotes of Mexico

2015.11.07 18:55 Sat

Ever heard about Cenotes?

Skaityti daugiau

Legendary cities back to the map

2015.11.06 12:55 Fri

Here are some legendary cities that were discovered and brought back to life

Skaityti daugiau

7 weirdest NYC museums you have to see

2015.11.04 10:57 Wed

Who said that going to the museum is Boring? 

Skaityti daugiau

International Soups

2015.11.03 16:42 Tue

Getting colder and colder? What a great chance to make some soup, but not like the ordinary.. Let us introduce you some of them from all over the world.  Recognize anyone of these?

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10 most impressive train stations

2015.11.02 19:35 Mon

Here are some of the finest train stations around the world, just to make you rethink that sometimes its not only about the journey... but for the destination too. 

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Best Sunsets

2015.11.01 21:20 Sun

Even in the same country, each sunset looks different. Especially when the coordinates change..
So, lets see some beautiful sunsets around the world. Gazed by ancient monuments, green fields, rocky landscapes,  tropical sunsets or tourist-crowded places, each one has a great story to tell..

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8 Spooky Halloween Destinations

2015.10.30 13:18 Fri

Is it Halloween and you are tired of Celebrating it always at your place? Check out these destinations and experience this custom in other parts of the world and get to know their culture!

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The Town of Rocamadour

2015.10.29 13:55 Thu

If you are thinking of going to France, but you don’t want to visit Paris or the typical cities, then let us give you a hint. 

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Lets have a Beer... Bath !

2015.10.28 10:31 Wed

The Beer Spa in Czech Republic where visitors bathe in barley and hops while drinking unlimited pints! Cheers !

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Trips Before Technology

2015.10.27 14:54 Tue

Really, Would you imagine your life traveling without your cellphone ? 

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A large AQUARIUM in your Hotel? -Of Course!

2015.10.26 18:54 Mon

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin, is a great treat, as it has the largest cylindrical Aquarium in the world! 

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Closer to fly

2015.10.25 16:36 Sun

Lexus offers a new "way of fly" 

Skaityti daugiau

Airways and delays

2015.10.22 13:35 Thu

Who has not suffered the delays of the trips in the airports?

Skaityti daugiau

Best phones to the mountain and the beach

2015.10.21 13:01 Wed

How much times have we break the phone in the sea or in the mountain? Here is the solution

Skaityti daugiau

Beer around the world

2015.10.20 14:53 Tue

The perfect excuse to meet everyone

Skaityti daugiau

Beer around the world

2015.10.20 14:44 Tue

The perfect excuse to go out and meet everyone

Skaityti daugiau

Selfie sticks and bad use

2015.10.19 13:18 Mon

The use that some peopleis giving to them could be affecting in a bad way

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2015.10.15 12:22 Thu

Paradise can also be prohibited sometimes..

Skaityti daugiau

"Vertigo Hotel"

2015.10.14 11:20 Wed

"Vertigo Hotel": Both adrenaline and  total relaxation!

Skaityti daugiau

Breaking Bad Coffee Shop

2015.10.11 21:29 Sun

This Walter White inspired coffee house in Turkey promises to overdose you on caffeine.

Skaityti daugiau

5 restaurants in NY that you should visit

2015.10.09 14:09 Fri

New York, the city of endless possibilities, high energy and great diversity, it has always been the benchmark for unparalleled shopping, cultural activity and first-rate dining. Here are some 5 restaurants that could interest you!

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"Wizardly" Chambers

2015.10.08 22:02 Thu

Crazy about Harry Potter? Have you ever thought of being in Hogwarts? Sleeping on the same bed where Harry was having the nightmares fighting his villain, Voldemort? The Georgian Hotel can offer you this experience! The Wizard Chambers are very well themed to this, pleasing every fan.

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Dine like a parisian in BOUILLON CHARTER

2015.10.08 13:59 Thu

The legendary restaurant Bouillon Charter is beloved not only by the natives of France but also by the tourists all over the world.
But why? Born in 1896, it has been serving over 50 million meals to famous and anonymous faces, developing not only a personality but also a soul..

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Competition offer

2015.09.03 12:10 Thu - social travelling creator – invites students from all European universities to take part in the competition in which you can win a trip to one of the European cities.

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Let's get to know some dialects of European languages!

2015.09.02 10:56 Wed

Every language is beautiful in its own way but their dialects are even more interesting – it is something that has been formed by other languages, different historic periods, geographic locations and even cultures. Let’s see some of them.

Skaityti daugiau

Budapest in pictures

2015.09.02 09:44 Wed

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word “Budapest”? The beautiful building of Hungarian Parliament? Chain bridge? The blue Danube? Sure, but there are so many other things still left to discover! We invite you to take a small photo tour around Budapest – get to know it better and discover places that are still waiting for you.

Skaityti daugiau

”Mamma Mia!” We will visit GREECE!

2015.08.14 11:00 Fri

In these days, everyone discussing about the greek crisis, but we can’t forget that Greece is still open for tourism, of course it is worth visiting as always.

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3 cities to visit in Italy

2015.08.12 14:00 Wed

Italy is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. One of the most visited country in every season. Tourists mainly visit Italy for its rich art, cuisine, history, fashion and culture. People admire its beautiful coastline and beaches, its mountains, and ancient monuments. Here comes 3 cities that you should see!

Skaityti daugiau

Undiscovered places are waiting for you in Spain

2015.08.11 11:00 Tue

Have you ever been to Spain? Or maybe it is still on your list? Either of those, continue reading. There is a chance you might discover something new since we asked few local Spanish to recommend some undiscovered places for you to see. ¿Interested? Let’s go!

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2015.08.10 10:30 Mon

It is said that the world is a book, and every places in the world have their own story. People who travel a lot can read more pages from the book than who do not travel. Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. If you would like to hike, explore mediterranean cities and have a rest in the beach, Cyprus is the best choice for you!

Skaityti daugiau

Have you ever been in Lithuania?

2015.08.07 13:40 Fri

Mary Ritter Beard once said: “Traveling is more than the seeing of sights: it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” Every one of us has different needs and wants, different traveling habits and styles – we have our own way to achieve that change. And if you find that change by being more an experience seeker and less of a tourist – we are going to help you with some tips from the perspective of a local. Ready? Let’s start with Lithuania.

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Welcome in Hungary! Top 3 places that you have to visit!

2015.08.05 13:10 Wed

In Hungary there are so many popular and beautiful places. Hungary takes pride in its diverse culture, landscapes and cities. When tourists are coming they mostly interested about the capital, Budapest. Without a doubt it’s a wonderful city with a number of places of interest. But in this article I would like to recommend some other hungarian breathtaking sights.

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What is the best way to change your life? Participate in foreign exchange programs!

2015.08.03 10:20 Mon

In the first part of the article we would like to summarize Erasmus and some another foreign exchange programmes in Hungary, Italy, Cyprus and Greece. The second part of it will give you a broader knowledge of their situation in Lithuania, Poland and Spain.

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6 strange traditions from 6 european countries

2015.07.30 10:00 Thu

Over the next post you can read some customs or curiosities about six countries (Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovakia). Do not miss this blog! You will learn what a "Calimocho" is, why in Greece dishes are broken or what you can do or not if you go to Cyprus. Enjoy it!

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2015.07.28 12:30 Tue

As the social mobility increased a lot in the past ten years, people are moving around not only to travel, work or visit their friends abroad, they can pursue their studies.

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Useful tips - Transportation

2015.06.03 17:13 Wed

How to travel to a different country? We have just collected some useful trips in this blog article.
(Hungary, Italy, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland, Brazil)

Skaityti daugiau

Gastronomy tips in different cities

2015.05.28 18:59 Thu

A trip must be experienced with all senses, it's why in your various trips should not be excluded from the rich culinary traditions of the place. This gastronomic post will serve you to decide what and where to eat in different cities from all around the world.

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Greatest Festivals in the World: Where should you go?

2015.05.11 13:30 Mon

Festivals and popular traditions, both past and present, are the material, artistic and spiritual demonstrations, transmitted and created by the people. Let's meet some of them in different European countries and in South America.

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Nightlife in different countries

2015.04.14 14:40 Tue

The party in Europe is an art... People of all ages gather in bars and pubs. If you could choose where would you go to party? Can you imagine a night in South America? We will reveal it...

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Accommodation comparison in different cities

2015.04.13 14:23 Mon

Do you want to make a trip and you do not want to waste a lot of money? Hotel or hostel? Budapest or Rome? Europe or South America? We help you to choose the best option! We offer a small view of how is the price of accommodation in some cities. If you like the post do not forget to visit our comparison of public transport. 

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Public transport comparison in different cities from all around the world

2015.03.31 13:36 Tue

Public transport boosts the economy, which means that ensures the mobility of people by the most efficient. In addition, public transport guarantees social cohesion and providing mobility for all at affordable prices, thus allowing the full participation of all people in economic, social and cultural activities. 

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What to do on Sunday in Madrid?

2015.02.16 17:00 Mon

Sundays are as a rule of thumb a boring day. The typical day-off to disconnect from the routine, doing the laundry and feeling a little bit more useful with ourselves. It is not made for the social life, but maybe for a moment of intimacy with the sofa and some movie to rest the Saturday’s hangover. This is the rule of thumb, but not in Madrid. In the Spanish capital city there are experts in setting-up the famous “Sunday Funday”. Actually, the last day of the week is the main one to redeem the monotony and find out some affordable plan which gets out of the tour clichés. If you want to enjoy a Sunday as a genuine Madrilenian in his environment, keep reading.

Check out our Trips if you are interested in... :)

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2014.11.09 15:08 Sun

Skaityti daugiau

Where to go on Sunday in Budapest?

2014.10.03 18:00 Fri

Every Sunday morning, one really great place to go outside and chill, surrounded with lots of recycled details, turns into a market. You might not guess the place even if you went there to drink a beer or listen to some cool DJ, because during the day the area looks and feels totally different! This place is actually well known and really popular ruin pub Szimpla Kert!

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Heroes' Square (Budapest)

2014.10.03 17:00 Fri

Spring has already arrived in Budapest! The shimmering sun is up, trees begin to flower and the beautiful scent spreads over the streets. Yes, exactly; it's time to go out! Why not take a pleasant walk along Andrássy Avenue and reward ourselves afterwards with a relaxing break with the ravishing scenery of Hősök tere (Heroes' Square)? In this article we would like to introduce you to the Heroes' Square which is one of the numerous trademarks of this lovely city.

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Erzsébet Lookout Tower (Budapest)

2014.10.03 15:00 Fri

Normafa lies high in the hills of Buda (Alt. 477 m), on the Sváb-hegy (Schwab Hill) and closely positioned to János-hegy (Janos Hill), the highest point of the city. It's known not only for its panoramic scenery but also for the fresh air which is difficult to have access to in downtown frequented by motor vehicles.

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Beautiful Budapest

2014.10.03 12:00 Fri

The city with Europe’s largest Parliament, the largest functioning synagogue and the continent’s first underground railway, is really interesting to visit. It is Budapest, historical and attractive European city where the visitors can find the remains of fortresses and buildings from Roman times, still operating Turkish baths, Gothic and Baroque buildings and the incredible rich Art Nouveau architecture heritage.

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Escape game in Budapest - PaniQ Room

2014.10.03 11:00 Fri

In Budapest, live escape games are quiet popular, because the city is full of abandoned basements and buildings and it´s perfect for making crazy and tense atmosphere. There are a lot of different rooms like Claustrophilia, Mindquest, Para Park, Da Vinci´s Secret, Detectivity, Paniq room etc. Since all of us are still partially children inside, sometimes we want to go back to our games from childhood. Therefore Budapest gives you a great opportunity to do this – it offers a great choice of escape games, the thing that everybody has to try while visiting this city!

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