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Shipwreck Beach of Zante (the true story)

Visit the most famous tourist attraction of Zante, Greece!

Amazing sandy beach with a shipwreck adding a more spectacular beauty to the whole scene.

The shipwreck beach (or else Navagio Beach) has a really interesting story to tell.

In 1982, the ship (named Panagiotis) was transfering illegal alcohol and cigarettes from Albania and Yugoslavia to Zakyntos (or else Zante)  in order to deliver the boxes into smaller boats for Italy. 

After suspecting it, the Greek officials were after it. Due to a really bad storm, the captain crashed the ship on this shore and was finally got caught with the rest crew and were brought to justice. 

However, when the police went back to the wreck, everything was taken by the citizens around.

To get there from the capital of the island (which is also Zante), you have to go to the other side to find the cove. Luckily, there are many boats going to this wonder, so in order to avoid the crowds, prefer to go with the first boat trip. In this case you won't be annoyed by taking pictures the beautiful scene.

For those who enjoy, extreme sports, Navagio is one of the most favourite places of the world for Basejumping. 

Check out the video!


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