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Where to go on Sunday in Budapest?

Every Sunday morning, one really great place to go outside and chill, surrounded with lots of recycled details, turns into a market. You might not guess the place even if you went there to drink a beer or listen to some cool DJ, because during the day the area looks and feels totally different! This place is actually well known and really popular ruin pub Szimpla Kert!

DURING daytime it is filled with strong energy of Hungarian people and Their Homemade products: from cheese, honey, Wine and Vegetables, Done to dishes such as goulash, or some saussage with pepper for Those WHO fluid can not Eat Meals After Saturday night.

To go and look around, drink some coffee and experience great industrial-vintage interior, try out your bargain skills while buying fresh strawberries - priceless!

It is interesting, amusing and commendable how the scope is at the most used, especially when you can enjoy Sunday morning (for those who like to sleep long you have time until 2PM) with coffee and a sound of saxophone, while doing you food shopping! Szimpla Kert you go, nice job!

(Kristina, Croatia)


Oktogon 3
1066 Budapest
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